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A diverse group that tackles designs with a different approach to every project that is laid on the drafting table, this team favors no distinct style and instead, takes into account the unique attributes of the site and the goals of the clients. The basic architectural stages include: Conceptual Architectural Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Contract Development, and Construction Implementation. In order for each project to be unique, identifiable, and memorable.


In every planning endeavor undertaken, the team keeps a special eye on the social, environmental, and cultural issues and trends surrounding each project and suggests the proper timing and feasibility of developments for clients. The Urban planning and master planning teams conduct studies on the different approaches of urban development and urban elements that would manage public discipline to recreate a pattern of a more pedestrian-friendly environment by integrating more open spaces and lands for the further socio-economic structure development. Thus, the end product is always a sustainable, adaptive, and responsive development design.


The parameters of the urban design team covers sustainability, encouraging discipline to modulate human activity towards a safer and more enjoyable environment, and promoting a better quality of life. Their designs enhance the landscape and streetscapes by devising ways to promote quality outdoor environment for the visual, psychological benefits of man. The team aims at maintaining the soul of the community or character by placing a rhythmic pattern of elements and in hand, promote uniqueness and a sense of place and distinction.




The Team is mostly involved in turning an interior space into an effective setting for the range of human activities.

In order to achieve the storyline fit to the client's choice, the interior design team infuses contemporary innovations, psychological studies of colors, with design concepts based on the project's background, socio-cultural studies and spatial profile.

Aesthetic and spatial relationships are done through 3D modeling for clients to get a better perspective of the spatial study.




The Engineering team ensures the possibilities of an architectural design to be built, guiding the Architecture and Planning teams with representations of alternative solutions to ensure the structure's durability and flexibility against existing human and natural hazards. The Vertical engineering team executes, navigates, and researches the structural development through 3D modeling, while the horizontal engineering deals more on the broader scope through extensive analysis to achieve a more sustainable development.

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